API Specifications

Production Certification

Before clients can go live, Ingo money will work closely with the client integration and application engineering teams to ensure that all possible known responses are being handled appropriately.

This process will ensure our clients are well prepared for their production deployments and have the edge cases covered.

The certification process may include but are not limited to the following scenarios.

  • Success scenarios

    • Different request dataset’s which will trigger an http status code of 200.
  • Error scenarios

    • Field length validation
    • Business Rule Validation
    • Field Format Validation
    • Versioning Validation
    • UnAuthorized Access Validation
    • Invalid Url Access Validation
    • Unexpected responses from the server
      • Requests that encounter an Unexpected Exception which would result in an http status code of 500.

Fault Tolerance

As with any external network dependency, we recommend our clients use a fault tolerant API access strategy with a retry policy. An example can be located here Resilience policies