The Digital Identity Insights API will provide clients with access to disaggregated risk scores across Ingo Money customer payee data, for both check deposit and non-check-related uses.

Version History

Version Date Comments
v1 11/25/2020 Initial API Specification

API Access


API requests must be performed using a secure transport layer over Https with a minimum TLS version of 1.2.


All API activity will be sanitized, recorded and retained as per Ingo’s data retention strategy.

Allowed IP configuration

The API’s are designed for machine to machine communication and are restricted by adding our partners IP addresses to an “Allowed List” of IP addresses.

A single IP, multiple IP’s or range of IP’s can be added to the list.

Credentials Provisioning

The Client Id and Client Secret will be provisioned by Ingo Client Services and provided via a PGP encrypted file format.

We will need a Public Key from a client to encrypt the credentials.